About Secrets of Grindea

Secrets of Grindea is an old-school RPG with co-op support for up to 4 players. It is a tribute to and sometimes a parody of the old SNES games so many of us grew up with and loved!

In the world of Grindea everything is determined by one thing–how big your collection of stuff is. You take on the role as a young hero (or heroine) taking his or her first steps to become a famed Collector and help collect the most valuable rares in the entire kingdom. But is everything really as it seems? The hunt for rares soon turns into something bigger, a scenario where family, friendship and possibly the fate of the world rests in your hands.

Currently, we have no release date set, since our #1 priority is making the game as good as it can be! When we’re at a point in development where we can give you a definite release date, we’ll post it here. Stay tuned!

Key features
  • Character customization. Advanced skill trees give you precise control over how your character develops. There are no caps or specific classes, so the possibilities are endless. On top of this, there’s a wide variety of haircuts, hats and head gears that will make your character look unique as well.
  • Co-op support for up to four players! Bring your friends on the adventure, challenge them to any of the mini games in the arena or why not have them help you out in a difficult dungeon?
  • A lengthy and dramatic storyline will take you through dungeons and fields of all shapes in the rich and varied world of Grindea. Countless of side quests and hidden content will keep you busy for hours after finishing the game.
  • Hundreds of items to hunt, craft, fish or dig up in order to improve your character, fill the codex and gain fame.
  • A pet system that makes sure you never have to be alone, even when playing by yourself. Catch any of the cute tameable animals and have them accompany you on your adventures while also boosting your skills!
  • High scores and achievements will soon make your friends turn green with envy.

Q: Why should I buy into Early Access?
A: If you’re asking this question, the correct answer is that you probably shouldn’t.

Buying into EA is mainly recommended for people who wish to be a part of the development: helping us finding bugs, coming up with suggestions or are curious to see how a game develops over time. If you prefer to play a finished game, we highly encourage you to wait with your purchase until it’s properly released!

Q: Co-op is cool, but I live in space… will it be online?
A: Yes, the co-op will be online, so you’ll be able to play with your friends regardless of location!

Q: When will the game be released and on what platforms can I play it?
A: The release date is currently TBA. We won’t release the game until it’s the game we want, and we’ve decided to refrain from giving further estimates and keep it as TBA until close to release in order to avoid disappointing our fans!

As of now, it will be for the Windows platform only.

Q: Can you remind me when the game is actually released?
A: Yes! We have this mailing list for this very purpose. Just add your mail through that page and we’ll send you a reminder once Secrets of Grindea leaves Early Access :)

Q: Why is the development so slow? Are you just lazy?
A: The reason for the development appearing slow is that it’s a hand-made RPG made by 3 people who have no interest in rushing the development only to release a subpar product. Instead, we put in the hours we need to make this game as good as we possibly can.

That means, if we need to add another week of development time to fix some unforeseen bugs, that’s what we’ll do (and this is why we won’t give a proper release date until we’re 99% sure we can make it)!

Q: Can I play it with a gamepad?
A: Yes, the game can be played on a gamepad just as well as on a keyboard!

Q: What is this game made in?
A: The game is programmed in C# and XNA. All the graphics are made with Adobe Photoshop, animations included.

Q: You have Grind in the title. Is this a boring and repetitive game? :/
A: In the world of Grindea, people are obsessed with collecting items. Imagining how many hours they must spend hunting loot it’s no wonder they named their entire world Grindea. However, you won’t be forced to grind at all, unless you choose to.

Of course there are thousands of items waiting to be farmed, hidden puzzles in need of solving and mythical beasts roaming the fields… But if you prefer you can just go straight on with the main quest.

Q: Why don’t you have sales?
A: The most important thing for us during this Early Access period is that buyers are aware of what they purchase in terms of stability, content, etc (which is why we only recommend EA for people who want to be part of the development process in some way). The idea behind a sale is the complete opposite of that philosophy, as it creates an impulse to buy something before it gets more expensive again. Therefore, a sale increases the risk of people buying the game without reading our EA disclaimers, and as such end up disappointed that the game isn’t completely finished, or simply not what they expected.

Once we’ve added everything we want to the game and it’s properly released, we will begin having sales, but until then we don’t want to lure people into Early Access with time-limited offers.

For a more thorough answer, see this post on the Steam forums!

Q: Who are you guys and how long have you been working on this?
A: We are a trio game design students from Sweden and we have been working on the game since the summer of 2011.

Q: Can I help?
A: Right now we have all positions filled!

Q: Can I make videos of this and upload to YouTube?
A: You are allowed to stream, make videos and take screenshots of the game, and do whatever you want with them. Upload them to YouTube, monetize on them, paste them onto your dog, make a tattoo with them, and so forth. No license required!