This post is extremely late, but things have been a bit hectic right before the holidays, so many apologies for that!

Right before we went on some christmas holidays (which will continue once more after this post: the blog should be back around the 11th of January) however, we managed to finish up another patch for frontline, featuring a bunch of new side content for Story Mode! If you haven’t checked it out already, go ahead and do so – to see the full patch notes, check here!

Now, let’s start this week’s recap with more portraits, featuring a bunch of collectors you’ll find in the conference room of the HQ! Here’s the first:

and here’s the second:

The next patch is drawing ever nearer, so here’s a bunch of small fixes and addition from me, featuring a vine bridge and some new drop appearances:

So, in the next patch, which will be available any day now (and is already if you’re on the Meatshield version of the beta – that is, the version that gets the super early, barely tested stuff), there will be a bunch of different new stuff, but among my favourites is this new mini game!

Turns out that Fark, our sound designer, has moved in to the north of Port Monnaie, and here he’ll be offering you a mini game where you have to guess which sound effect belongs to which creature!

Get it right, and a green check mark will appear, after which the next sound will play…

…get it wrong, though, and you’ll have to start from the beginning!

The first time you succeed in this challenge, you’ll be rewarded with a housing item that plays various sounds in the background! After you’ve unlocked the item, you are able to do the challenge any number of times you’d like, just for fun. Will you be able to guess all of the sounds? :o

Finally, you can take a look at these new additions by Fred, giving you a sneak peek of something epic that will appear in an upcoming update:

Merry Christmas! ;3

This week we’ll start off with another portrait, featuring the sleepy collector Fred made last week:

Next, a new ghostlike figure! This one actually has ties to your family, and can be found on the ghost ship in the near future!

As mentioned before, we’re transforming the Memory room where you could battle previous bosses into a conference room where people are making decisions on the upcoming quests and plans for the Collectors!

So, time to take care of the background:

Next up, another background change! In place of the puzzle tower, which we’re putting on hold for now, there will be… a strange slime altar? How peculiar..!

In Fred’s department, he’s finishing up a bunch of stuff for the next bunch of quest stuff, mainly the Slime Altar one, but also some sound devices you’ll get as a reward for a fun new mini-game we’ll take a look at next week:

So, some more items from the list of things we’d like to include before the full release!

First off, the house in the top right corner of Evergrind City! Remember that house on the little island in the water? It used to be all broken down, then it got cleaned up, and then we have like 50 different ideas for how to use it, until we recently simply decided to move a pretty regular family into the house, which will provide you with some background story for one of the quests we’ll include in the Pumpkin Woods.

Collectors in the Fields, we’ve mentioned this before, but we really do like the idea of including more Collector NPCs out in the world, doing everyday collector stuff such as hunting items, inspecting loot, or just talking about their adventures. At the moment the collectors are pretty much only visible in Evergrind City, so we feel like adding a bunch of additional ones around the world would help flesh out the collectors as an organization.

An easter egg ending for the storyline featuring Pine & Tannie, we know a lot of you want to be able to reunite them, so we’ll make sure you’re able to do just that, if you keep your eyes out!

More treasure maps around the world (pretty self explanatory).

Plant enemies dropping seeds so you can grow them in your own house~

A mini game featuring a sound made by our sound designer NPC Fark, after which you have to guess which sound it belongs to!

So, let’s jump straight into that stuff, starting with the interior of the house on the top right isle in Evergrind City:

Next up, one of the inhabitants of the previously made house, a mother living in Evergrind City with her husband and child(ren)!

And now, another mixed bag of stuff, some expressions, a new decor for one of the rocky parts in the Dragonbone Dunes, a new icon for the arena boss rebattles, and a couple new drops:

Fred, meanwhile, has continued working on a bunch of NPC animations, some of which can be seen here: