Yes, it’s another week of festival stuff! And most likely there will be at least one more before we’re completely done :)

Vilya has started working on the treasure cave, where the flashback cutscene involving your mother Charlotte and the dragon will take place:

The cave will be filled with gold and treasures of various kinds, and this here is only the WIP of the left part of it – in the end it’ll be twice as big!

We also decided (thanks to Owns suggestion on the forums), to add cutouts to the festival, which you can stand behind:


In the end our idea is that you’ll be able to ask Luke & Marino (whom you’re at the festival with) to stand behind them as well, and we’re currently looking into the possibility of having a cameraman who will create a screenshot for you after you press a button. Not 100% sure if that will work yet though, but we think it’d be pretty fun!

Other than that, a lot of new expressions have been made in order for the characters to express the right feeling(s), both in the flashback cutscene (young dad!) as well as in and around the festival:

More to come next week!

Finally, Fred has started working on another mini-boss battle that will take place near the festival in time, and I’m sure you’ve been missing these guys:



Excited yet? Hang in there for a bit longer, the festival is just around the corner! :3

Hello everyone! Time for another weekly recap! :D This week we’ve mostly focused on the upcoming festival. Teddy has made a prototype for the bee mini-boss, which is coming along nicely (we’re inhouse testing it today, actually)!

The cutscenes that will start the whole thing off have been more or less completed, all we need now is a new background and to implement some minor animations. So that’s what’s Fred been up to – flavor animations for the cutscenes & festival:




Vilya has been making some additional festival decorations: a balloon- and popcorn stand! Here’s a video capture of her work on it:

Festival Balloons

Festival Popcorn

The balloon stand will be further improved by Fred, who will make a special cluster of balloons surrounding it.

Other than festival stuff, Vilya has also been making more hats (among other things):


And there’s a new portrait of an ancient collector for the next temple, as well:


This week we’ll continue our struggle to get everything ready for the festival & everything that surrounds it. Stay tuned! :D

Another week has ended, in which Teddy finally ha gotten around to work on the infamous cutscene! While there’s still a lot of work to be done, the groundwork has been laid and some interesting reveals will take place…

What in the world could the Bag mean? Hang in there and you’ll find out in time!

Fred has kept working on stuff for the festival, mainly NPC flavor animations and the such to help the festival feel alive and bustling!

Balloon BellHead CottonCandy

Meanwhile, Vilya has been working on a bunch of different things, including giving the Shady Merchant a shop title of his own:


As mentioned before, he will start selling items you’ve previously sold to other NPCs, making it possible to buy back stuff you regret parting with. We thought a fun thing to do would be to increase the amount of items surrounding him as you sell more and more stuff to the other shopkeepers. Right now we’ve made 6 different steps:Merchant Progress

There’s also a bunch of new hats (and next week there will be even more!):

Vilya also made a bunch of icons for upcoming achievements, including getting 10 and 20 cards, as well as catching all pets & fishes (though the later two won’t be implemented until the game is done, as we’ll keep adding both pets and fishes until that point):

Aaaaaaand to end this post, there’s two more portraits:
06 - Finished Sprite06 - Finished Sprite (1)

Finally, after such a long wait, the Translation Suite is officially live! This means that it’s now possible to download and use fan translations within the game, as pictured below:



All you need to do to access these is to go into “Options” in the Main Menu, and select “Browse Translations”. If you’re interested in making a translation of your own, there are instructions on how to do that in this post on the forums! :)

This patch also brought an addition to Arcade Mode in the form of the Mold Essence feature:

Mold Essence

While the proper art isn’t implemented yet (there will be some color changes and the text will be centered properly), it definitely works and will allow you to spend those hard earned essences on new bragging rights style items!

Meanwhile, Vilya has been preparing facial expressions for the legendary cutscene, a mockup of Evergrind City by night (& festival!):


02 - Festival

She’s also been updating the Shop titles, giving them a bit more personality and unique looks:


As for Fred, he’s moved on to creating animations for the festival and it’s mini games! Below is one odd-looking machine that you’ll be able to use once we get this darn cutscene out of the way ;)

Next week, Teddy will be working on the cutscene, Fred will make more animations for the Festival, and Vilya will all sorts of random things! Stay tuned ;3

This week Teddy spent finishing up the translation tool (finally!), which should go live in a few days! He’s now looking into starting up that cutscene business for real, just as Fred has finished his part of that job, giving him a ton of sketched out animations to work with.

Now, instead of cutscene things, Fred is working on a new mini-boss that you’ll have to face soon after the cutscene ends:


Yes, it’s a Queen Bee!! :D Do you feel the horror?!

Vilya, meanwhile, has been all over the place, starting off by creating an interface for Mold Essence in Arcade Mode, which allows you to turn essence into visual upgrades & housing items (among other things):


She then moved back to the time travel area, creating hats, masks, drops and portraits to fill the area with life & loot:



05 - Finished Sprite

06 - Finished Sprite

And that’s all for this week! Next up will be prototyping the cutscene, bug fixing the translation tool, and preparing Evergrind City for the next installment of the main story :)