Picking up from last week, the three different types of Wizards are now in the game and working properly. The Wizard is a ranged support type of enemy, with each variation having its own unique special ability. Just like their melee counter-parts, the Wizard can only use their special abilities if the current season matches its color.

!!summercomboClick to see the animated GIF!

We have tried our best to make each Knight/Wizard pair have a set of abilities that work in symbiosis with each other. As seen above the Summer Wizard can imprison players, making it harder to avoid the Knights heavy hitting special attack.

The winter Wizard can summon a Ice Shield around a target monster that will slow and damage players within close range. The shield can be destroyed by shielding, attacking or taking damage from it. Paired together with the agility of the winter Knight, it could turn into a deadly threat!

Last but not least the fall Wizard can summon a bunch of tornados that move around at a seemingly random pattern. Players getting too close will be sent flying into any nearby enemy. The tornados can also fuse with fall Knights performing their Spinning Attack, making them super charged in terms of speed and damage.


Vilya has kept on making portraits! Here’s some of her WIP’s from this week:

02 - WIP

02-06 - WIP


And here are the finished sprites:

finished sprites

Fred has been soldiering on with the temple’s basic enemies, finishing up the knights! As we’ve mentioned previously, they would share many similarities, but all have different special attacks they can use if the current season match their color.

FallThe Autumn Knight spins his sword and chases after players
much like Giga Slime’s saw spin!

WinterThe Winter Knight dashes through the playfield
akin to the player’s own Piercing Dash-ability

SummerThe Summer Knight unleashes a powerful, uninterruptable smash,
breaking shields and dealing tons of damage

Next week we’ll be focusing on the different Season Wizard’s special abilities!

Since Vilya’s now reached a roadblock on the temple rooms (since the few left must be discussed in detail before she can make them), she’s returned to the portrait factory, remaking and revamping!

One of these portraits are the plushie collector in the city. We decided to make her a bit younger when we updated the portrait, as well!

Here’s how she used to look:

And here’s the step-by-step for the new portrait:

Talking about portraits, don’t forget that you can get more in-depth information of Vilya’s work over at her personal blog!

We keep working on the Temple, which is coming alone nicely! Vilya has finished almost all rooms, except for a few which will house special challenges or (mini-) bosses that we need to design a bit more before creating their rooms.

Here’s the last few rooms she made before returning to portrait painting:




Some of these rooms will have animated obstacles and details added by Fred at a later stage, so stay tuned for that!

Teddy, in the meanwhile, has been working on prototyping some of the enemies that you’ll encounter in the temple. Here’s a screen of one such battle in action:


Back from Dreamhack and onto working, we’ve dived right back into the Temple of Seasons!

Vilya is closing in on finishing up all the rooms, so here’s a few of the more recent one she’s been making:

05 - Room Fin

05 - Summer


We felt we wanted to try out enemy compositions as soon as possible, so Fred has taken a break from transition animations and returned focus to the enemies!

Here’s a set of animations for the Autumn Wizard:


Just like with the Season Knight we posted a while back, the Season Wizards will come in three different varieties. Just like with the Knights, if the season of the room matches the wizard’s colors, it will gain a powerful special ability!

To combat the enemies of the temple effectively, you’ll have to pay close attention to the season of the enemies you’re fighting, and try to alter the environment to counter it. Sometimes, when you’re fighting enemies of mixed seasons, you’ll just have to pick your poison!

While waiting for the art assets, Teddy has also began tinkering on the housing part of the game! It’s unclear when this will be added to the game proper, but at least the foundation has been laid.

To compensate for all the good looking art, here’s a screenshot of a masterpiece created in-game with the super early prototype:

husningThe Flowering Benches – Teddy van Brugh (2014)

So this weekend we went to Dreamhack Stockholm to exhibit the game (and watch some brilliant esports)! The expo was a blast, and we met a lot of awesome people. It’s always great exhibiting the game and chatting with you guys IRL!

Instead of showing more progress on the Temple of Seasons this week we thought it’d be nice to show some pictures from Dreamhack instead (sorry for the crappy quality, tho):









Hope to see you next time!

We got some pretty exciting news. We’ve been invited by our old school to tag along to Dreamhack Stockholm this coming weekend to showcase our game at the game expo!

This will be the first ever visit to a Dreamhack event for all of us and even though it’s not one of the big ones (Dreamhack Summer & Winter) we are all super pumped to showcase Grindea, talk to people and watch some e-sports! If you are in the neighborhood, drop by and hang out with us!

Anyways, the most common usage for the Season Change Ability will be to open up new paths to explore. For Fred, this means a lot of animations for different obstacles to block the progression for the players.

Most blockades will only be opened during a specific season and closed during the other two. The Phase Shift plate below for example will be blocked by the giant lily pad during the summer and frozen shut during the winter.



And to end this post, here’s a couple of the rooms that Vilya has been working with:

F2 - BattleW

F3 - CorridorF

See you next week!

Way back, before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, we used to have a crafting tab in the inventory, from which all your crafting needs were carried out. Things changed, and instead crafting was to be handled at the different shops in town.

Looking back, this was a rather misguided decision, and so we’ll bring crafting back into the menu!


Instead of the old interface used in the shops, we’re using the layout previously found when looking at recipes via your inventory. The tradeoff is that you can’t display as many items at once, but a clear benefit is that much more information is available at first glance!

You can now see what type of item it is, and the exact ingredients required directly in the list. By pressing right or left, you can also cycle through the ingredients to see their description, stats and how many you own. Oh, and if you still prefer to find recipes through the inventory (by selecting an ingredient), you can craft from there as well!

With this change, we’ll also add a feature we’ve promised for a while now, namely the ability to track crafting recipes:


When tracking a recipe, it will appear where you’d normally see your tracked quest, allowing you to see your progress without needing to visit the menu. You can still cycle through your active quests like normal using TAB (or RB/R1 on controllers); the tracked recipe will behave just like another quest.

With this, the shopkeepers will lose their crafting licenses and can only Buy/Sell. Let’s hope they don’t go out of business! :C

This week we’ve kept on working with the Temple of Seasons, adding more rooms and more seasons! Here’s another GIF, from a room with multiple season orbs:

tripleseasonClick to see it animated!

As you can see, depending on what season it is, there will be different obstacles blocking different paths. Will you be able to find your way through the dungeon?! Only time will tell…

In the meanwhile, here’s one of the versions of the lobby, an important room that connects many different parts of the dungeon, that has kept Vilya busy for a while:

02 - SummerClick for full size!

Don’t forget that you can see more of her work (and additional rooms) over at her blog.

New for this week is also that Teddy has started up a tumblr where he will post GIFs of what he’s currently implementing. Go follow that for more animated goodies.

Oh, and you haven’t forgotten Fred’s old tumblr, have you? That’s the place where he posts what he’s working on.

If cold autumn winds are making you wish you could rewind time and go back to the warm embrace of summer, then our Temple of Seasons™ might be just the thing you’re looking for! Simply whack the supplied Summer Orb and watch the landscape transform around you:

SeasonChangeIt’s animated! Click it!

We had a long back and forth discussion regarding how the seasons would work in the temple, mostly related to whether the Season Orbs would change the season of the entire temple, or just the current room. In the end, we went with having the orbs control the season of their own room!

Both variants could lead to some interesting progression mechanics, but we went with this variant mostly since it would put a slightly less massive workload on poor Vilya and Fred, while also being a bit easier to create puzzle modules for.

For similar reasons, we opted to have separate orbs that summon their corresponding season, rather than one orb that cycled between them, as in A Link to the Past.

Having the entire dungeon sketched out, we feel it has a ton of potential to be really cool when it’s all done!

This week we’ve continued working on the Temple of Seasons. It will be one of the most graphically heavy areas of the game since both enemies and scenery will have three different variations, so our grahpic duo have wasted no time getting started!

Below is one of the early rooms of the temple in all of its autumny glory.

F2 - Puzzle 2A

If you missed it a few weeks ago, Vilya have started up a workblog that goes a lot more indepth about the graphical assets she’s making, like the room seen above. Be sure to check it out!

Fred have spent the week finishing up all of the animations for the Summer varation of the Knight enemies we showed off a while ago. The Summer Knight will work as a base for both the Fall and Winter versions. Besides different weapons, each enemy will have their own set of unique moves they will have access to if the area is set to their season.


Above is the Summer Knights special move, a high damaging single target attack with Guard Crush (instantly destroys your shield if not perfect guarded) and a huge knockback.


Besides fancy special attack, the knights will be the first enemy in the game that uses shields. The enemy shields will work similar to player shields in terms that they have their own HP and can break if taking too much damage.