Waddap, party people!

Fred back at it with more blogging, this time I’m reporting live from the vacation chair tho! We’re taking two weeks off to spend some much-needed time hanging out with family and friends while enjoying the last stretch of the Swedish summer. I’m gonna be doing a whole lot of chilling and doing absolutely nothing, and I can’t freaking wait you guys! After that, we’ll be ready for what might very well be the final push of the game before release. So, frickin, exciting!

This leads me to a more somber note. This will probably be the final post of my illustrious career as an intern devlog writer ._. After the vacation, I will hand the keys to the city back to Vilya, so I can go back to fully focus on pushing pixels and finishing up the final animations for the game. I know, I know, you’re all like “No Fred, write even more posts! We don’t care if it takes another 10 years until release” and I agree, but that’s just the animator’s life sadly. No, but seriously, writing the blog has been a trip! Shout-out to the SoG-discord server for showing me some extra love, it definitely helped fuel my confidence (maybe a bit too much?)

We’ll be back with more updates in a few weeks. Until then, take care, love you guyysss <3 Fred signing out!

Slabbe showing you how to vacation