Last week was really busy! Teddy is and will continue to focus full time on getting multiplayer working for the tower and Fred is pumping out new Zhamla animations to get that final battle finished. And as for me – I’ve finally gotten to do some new backgrounds :D

First up, a background for the final scene after you complete Arcade Mode:

We’re going to work out some additional details here though – more on that next week.

One of the final backgrounds for Story Mode has gotten some more details this week as well! This too is a work in progress with more iterations coming, but it’s already a lot better than it was before:

We’ve also been working on some backgrounds for after you complete the puzzles in the tower. Our idea was that once a puzzle is complete, the mirror magic that conjured it up shatters and you’ll be left in either a colorless version of the world, where pieces of it has literally fallen away or a smaller room in the style of the dungeon, suggesting you were in a small closet like space all along rather than the bigger puzzle room. As such, I made a bunch of different suggestions:

We’ll decide which of them to go for this week and let you know in next week’s update! :)

Finally, I’ve started working as Fred’s animation assistant, helping him clean up some unfinished animations he’s been working on. Here’s a little preview of what sort of work that entails:

In the before column, you see there’s a bunch of holes and pixels missing. My job is basically to clean that up and make sure everything looks as it should. With me helping in this way, Fred can focus on getting the key frames right and leave the boring cleanup to me. I’ll continue doing more of this cleanup work this week, which hopefully means we’ll be finished quicker now that we can be two people working on the animations instead of just one :)