Hello everyone! It’s me, Vilya, back after taking a few days off to move houses – finally got the keys to a nice old apartment near my hometown. It’s gonna take some time to get it in shape but for now I have a table and a computer and that’s gonna be enough to get back to work :)

While I’ve been away Teddy and Fred have spent their time on two major things: iterating Zhamla’s boss battle and adding a little easter egg for those who explore the game a little bit after beating the final boss and achieving the true ending. Unfortunately this easter egg involves a massive spoiler, so we won’t be able to show any of it here – but I will say it involves a pretty sweet cutscene I think everyone will be excited to see… :)

As for the boss iteration, we have a bunch of videos to showcase what this phase of the Zhamla battle looks like right now:

We’ve basically added of changed a bunch of animations and timings, improved on effects and particles. I personally think this is starting to look pretty amazing! What do you guys think? :D