Vilya is unavailable, which means it’s time for one final(?) Fred guest appearance! Lesss go!

It’s become increasingly harder and harder for me to show content here on the blog since everything I’m working on now either falls in the camp of “Oh, this is way too spoiler-y” or “this is waaay too boring and uninteresting”. This is kind of sad since it makes for pretty bare-boned posts here, but overall it’s great because it means; the game is soon finished!

Anyway, been scraping the barrel and here’s some stuff from last week:


I can also report, after spending almost one week in our new office, that it kicks absolutley ass so far! It’s been slightly overwhelming getting used to being around other people again (fellow introverts rise up!), but I’m already starting to feel settled in, my production levels have been through the roof AND there’s unlimited free fruit! What’s not to love?

Tiny tour of my little spot:

And yeah, I dunno, I think Imma head back to the animation dungeon! Love you guys, Fred OUT!