We’ve been going at this devblog thingy for nearly nine months without ever missing a recap, and while it’s a great tool to showcase the constant incremental improvements to the game, we’ve realized it isn’t quite as good at giving readers (especially newer ones) insight in how the game is actually played.

Sure, you can watch the SGA Trailer and see that it has a cute pixel art style, character customization, lots of loot, and maybe plays sort of like Zelda. For many people this is enough to get excited, but some might be curious as to how it all works more in-depth.

For the latter group (and anyone excited about the game, really), we’ve thrown together a pretty comprehensive walkthrough video explaining our combat system!

As usual, keep in mind that the footage is from a work in progress. Nothing shown in the video is final or anything, but it’s a good indication of our current direction of design!

It might also be worth pointing out that some of the more insane parts of that video is more of a showcase of what you can do, not what you have to do. Our advanced mechanics are there for execution fanatics to indulge in, but we won’t force the average player to ascend to such a level. Unless you want to beat all that bonus content we discussed last week… in that case you better buckle up!

To wrap up the post, here’s a care package of animations from Fred!

The guy on the bottom is the city alchemist, Remedi, who needed a few extra animations for an escort quest where you must protect him from the blood thirsty inhabitants of the Pumpkin Woods!