Beta Info

We’re happy to report that the first week of the beta has worked out really well! Our setup over at Desura/IndieDB is doing its job, and we’ve received lots of great feedback and bug reports!

Our thread where testers post their first impressions is a feedback gold mine, and if you’re a beta tester who’s reading this and haven’t posted there yet, please take a moment to do so!

At the time of writing, we’ve already patched the beta once based on the great community input, and are pushing out a second patch tonight.

Since things went according to plan, we’ll continue on the set track and send out an additional 30 invites as promised! We’ll send them out when the upcoming patch has been uploaded and authorized at Desura, which should hopefully be within a day or so. Again, we’re going to use the IndieDB messaging system, so if you’ve registered for the beta, check your IndieDB-messages!


A lot of effort have gone into polishing things we’ve got feedback on, and fixing bugs hunted down by our testers. But we have also spent some time adding new content for the game, which should be available in the coming patch.

To begin with, there will be some slight improvements of the Arena. We have refined the point system of the challenges, which now works as follows: Your best grades in every challenge will add up to a total score, and when that total reach certain key numbers, you gain unique items.

For instance, let’s say S is worth 500 and A is worth 300. Then you would have 800 points in total, should you have achieved rank S in one and A in another. If you later increase your A to an S you will earn the remaining 200 points, giving you a total of 1000.

In such a system, we could let players who aren’t super hardcore get a taste of the unique items as well by having a reward at 500 points (which you could get with two As), and a second one on 1000 points (which only the best can get, with two S ranks).

This might be very technical, but hopefully it will make sense to you in the game. Speaking of which, to reflect the new point system we have also improved the arena interface as such:

As you can see, you can now view your current points, which reward you’ll get next, and how many points each rank will give you.

If you’re curious on which the next 3 rewards will be, we have added a poster showing just that on the wall of the Arena Lobby:

Speaking of those rewards, here are some of the new hats offered, in action:

The first three will be offered as rewards in the arena, as you just saw, while the fish hat will replace the old reward for unlocking the Pillar Mountains fishing achievement.

Another improvement we added was effects for some of the potions currently offered in the game. This one will be shown when you drink the Damage Potion, which boosts both your normal attack and skill damage:

We also made one for the Gale Potion, which increases your attack- and castspeed:

That’s all for now! Hope to see you soon in the beta ;)