First and foremost, thanks to all of you who voted on us over at our Steam Greenlight page. Thanks to all of you, we just got Secrets of Grindea greenlit and ready to be on Steam as soon as it’s finished!

Even though we still got a fair deal of work left to do before release, we are all super excited about this. It feels great to have the support from Steam, and get to see that a lot of people out there likes the game so far.

To celebrate, we’ll be sending out a bonus batch of Beta Invites despite not being patch day! :D


So, for actual production this week. We kept the same theme as last week and dished out a new area. This time, it’s the western fields of Evergrind city.

These parts are mainly used as farmlands and are inhabited by a lot of wildlife, such as the pig enemy we showed off last week. From here you can access the Farm, which is where all of your caught pets will be stored while you are out on your collecting adventures.

A slightly better home for pets than the Evergrind Café!

How do I get it? :(

In the animation department, last weeks theme applies here as well. Our pig friend has gotten a bunch of new animations, including the attack, damage and death animations shown below, making him ready to take on any sneaky Collectors trying to turn him into bacon!