This week, things have been moving forward at a steady pace. Vilya has continued working away with putting together the dungeon interior as well as wiping together some more card art. Below is the cards for the Brawler bot and the Wisp, both enemies of our first dungeon.



Fred is back in the groove after fighting off school work for the last couple of weeks, working away at some heavy boss creating for the dungeon! We’ll probably keep all of the boss details on the down under to give you guys something to look forward and fantasize about, but we promise it will be big, mean and contain a lot of heavy weaponry.

So for the coming few weeks, the updates might be a bit less meaty since both Fred and Teddy will be hammering away at the super secret boss in joined forces. We will try to make it up to you by dishing out a new video (content unknown for now) in the near future, so stay alert!