This week, the Winterland enemies have spent some quality time in the animation workshop!

The Yeti, which still doesn’t have a proper name, have learned how to walk! We can’t wait to get this marshmallow bear walking around in the game, smashing players to left and right!


Besides our furry friend, a RPG favorite makes another appearance. The Blue Slime are a more dangerous version of their distant cousin, the Green Slime. The major things that sets them apart is the Blue Slimes ability to turn into a sharp, icicle-like shape whenever it attacks.




The Slime family tree is one of the more diverse in all of Grindea, so expect to run into one or two more relatives to these guys. They should not be taken lightly, despite their status as “n00b mobs” within most RPGs. Every breed of Slime has their own special attacks, so beware!