This week Vilya spent doing no less than 29 portraits for different NPCs! Some of them you’ll see below – who do you think they are?

She also made these market stands where you’ll be able to get a variety of special items! The character sprites were made by Fred afterwards – can you pair them up with the correct face above?

Fred has been battling a vicious cold and has been out of action for a big chunk of the week :C

Besides doing the market NPCs above, he has been able to squeeze in most of the animations needed for our treasure system! We’ll post a video about it once we got it all set up, in the mean time you will have to settle for some animations off the main character digging up some treasure.

-Weekly Programming Haiku-

“Sounds of moving earth.
Ancient ink will guide your steps.
Let the hunt begin!”

[A basic sound system is in place, as well as a system for finding maps which leads to buried treasures to use that slick digging animation on!]

Next Week: The portraits start getting matching NPC-sprites and Vilya visits her parents! Teddy takes on the trial of setting up the trials!