Another week, another update! We’re now halfway through December and everyone is counting the days left before christmas. Here at the Secrets of Grindea office we keep pressing on while dreaming of the traditional swedish christmas cuisine.. :3

This week Vilya made even more portraits! She also revised some of them, and revisions will keep being made throught the entire production. Here’s an example of changes being made on the go, as well as a few of the new faces:

Better? We think so!

She also started making a few props that will appear inside one of the buildings in town. A few weapon stands, for example:

Besides adding some new stuff to the super secret first boss, Fred has been swinging away at some new skills and NPC sprites!

This here is one of the early skills from the one handed weapons skill tree (we have 8 trees in total). We haven’t got a proper name for it yet, but it plunges the hero forward damaging anything in it’s path. Range and damage increases by leveling it up.

-Weekly Programming Haiku-

“Treasures, puzzles, fight!
Only the best are chosen.
Are you strong enough?”

[Teddy has mostly been laying the foundations for the spectacular trials! For the puzzle part, a few more puzzles were created to ease new players into it!]

Next Week: Merry Christmas!