Way back, before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth, we used to have a crafting tab in the inventory, from which all your crafting needs were carried out. Things changed, and instead crafting was to be handled at the different shops in town.

Looking back, this was a rather misguided decision, and so we’ll bring crafting back into the menu!


Instead of the old interface used in the shops, we’re using the layout previously found when looking at recipes via your inventory. The tradeoff is that you can’t display as many items at once, but a clear benefit is that much more information is available at first glance!

You can now see what type of item it is, and the exact ingredients required directly in the list. By pressing right or left, you can also cycle through the ingredients to see their description, stats and how many you own. Oh, and if you still prefer to find recipes through the inventory (by selecting an ingredient), you can craft from there as well!

With this change, we’ll also add a feature we’ve promised for a while now, namely the ability to¬†track crafting recipes:


When tracking a recipe, it will appear where you’d normally see your tracked quest, allowing you to see your progress without needing to visit the menu. You can still cycle through your active quests like normal using TAB (or RB/R1 on controllers); the tracked recipe will behave just like another quest.

With this, the shopkeepers will lose their crafting licenses and can only Buy/Sell. Let’s hope they don’t go out of business! :C