GIFs! GIFs everywhere! In this post, we  go berserk with the GIFs, and we start off with Vilya who has tried something new: step-by-step GIFs!

Typically Vilya also records videos of her progress with sprites and portraits (which can be seen on her blog), but this time she also tried her hands on making GIFs of the steps. Here’s the result, featuring a portrait and a rework of the Slime card:

Tyra-GIF06 - Finished Sprite



Most of our time has been spent dealing with the upcoming Black Ferrets battle, though!

First up, the new boss portrait:

06 - BossTitle

Then, a few GIFs with the battle itself, from our early test runs:




And finally, some of the sprite work Fred has been working on for this battle:

VilyaPattern1 VilyaPattern2FreddySpinBlog Candle

Excited for the battle? We are too, and hopefully the patch where you’ll be able to try it out won’t be too far away! Stay tuned for more next week :)