This week a lot of our focus has gone into prototyping more of the challenges you’ll be facing in Mt Bloom! Here are a few gifs from our prototype of the poisonous flower challenge (keep in mind that a lot of the art is still WIP):

Flower Growth

Open Sesame

Kill it plz

Basically, the small flowers will increase in size over time, releasing their poison once they reach their final form. If you hit the flowers, they’ll shrink, until they die and disappear from the map.

The big one works a bit differently. Instead of releasing poison in its final form, it heals the other flowers and shields them, meaning you can’t damage them until you’ve dealt with the bigger one. Also, while hitting it causes it to shrink, there’s a limit to how small it can get, at least until you’ve worked through its HP bar!

After a little while, it’ll launch a special attack which clears any enemies on the map. Instead, a new type of flower will spawn, while the big one launches a beam spinning around the room. You now have to dodge a bunch of projectiles shooting out from the exploding smaller flowers (again, artwork will differ in it’s final form):

Variation #2

We also started doing some tests for the gas effect in the third and final challenge, where you’ll run through a room filled with poison gas:

Gas Experiment

More on that next week, hopefully!

Other than this mayhem of prototyping & testing, we’ve been doing some more work on Mt Bloom in general. Here’s a background that Vilya has been working on, which happens to be the entrance to the next temple:


Close-up of the statue:

06 - Moss & Ground

GIF of the statue WIP:


She also made a bunch of variations of the Caveling portrait from last week:


Finally, look at how cool our office door looks now, thanks to some signs printed and given to us by one of Fred’s friends:



Pretty neat, huh? Gonna help motivate us as we step into the office every morning! :D