While much of last week was spent working on the project report for school, we’ve still managed to squeeze out some more stuff for the game! The inside of Evergrind City is continuing to take shape. Here’s a couple of the buildings Vilya furnished last week:

Above is the Hat Store! Here, you’ll be able to purchase and craft some sweet, sweet headgear! Headgear which you can show off to people online in order to impress friends, seduce the man or woman of your dreams, or to nail that job interview!

The slightly messy abode of a slightly messed up Alchemist! He might be crazy, but he’s a good guy. Not to mention he’ll be your go-to guy for stuff like potions!

Fred on the other hand have had a hard time leaving the Halloween Forest without a proper goodbye, so he stuck around for another week. Besides finishing up the last reaming bits of the Halloweed, he also did a cute little death animation for the Jumpkin!

Next Week: Reworking how the skills work and look, some more buildings, and… GUI :(