Let’s start off the week with a mixed bag of random fixes and additions! First up, adding the door to Pine’s office into the Flying Fortress:

Second, changing the ghost fae from winter to spring:

Third, breaking the mirror in the singer’s cabin:

Next up, making some improvements and additions to the library which is finally getting put into the game:

And finally, adding some moss to the fallen mast in the battle area on top of the ship:

And now it’s time for a whole on of drop appearance sprites for all of those housing items I made last week! To showcase these, here’s a video featuring the making of them:

Now, with the ghost ship quest coming together, it’s time to make a bunch of expressions for the ghosts you’ll meet (and hopefully help!) there:

Quite a bunch of friendly faces! Will you manage to figure out how to help them all?

Two new portraits are needed for this patch as well, and the first features a headless skeleton, with and without an added head:

And the second portrait features Mirar, a sad NPC in Evergrind City who has a hard time keeping himself optimistic about things: